About Us

The BC Club started as a group of lads getting together to have a good time, whilst also doing something positive to help those less fortunate.

A Welcome from “The Chairman”

The past ten years as the Club’s Chairman have flown by and in that time our little club has grown into something that every single one of us can be very proud of indeed. Personally, I am always amazed at how much we raise, for what is in essence three or four lads’ days a year. To date we have donated in excess of £352,000 which is a fantastic achievement especially as we know that the money has gone to people that genuinely need it.

One of the key attributes of the BC Club is that we have a very simple and clear ideology: we want to ensure that we have a group of like-minded, generous and above all, friendly and welcoming businessmen who all have one common goal: combining a good day out and having fun, with the money raised being given to local deserving charities or individuals that genuinely require help.

We often get asked why it is only local people and predominantly children that we help? The reason for this is that the majority of BC Club members are parents and as such, we have focused and will continue to focus on helping children or families of children where we can make a difference.

We are happy to say that the majority of the donations we have made over the years have been to good causes highlighted by members themselves and this is something we wish to continue, so please do talk to an of the BC Club members at any time if you wish to nominate a worthy cause or think that there is somewhone whom we could help.

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank my colleagues who support me in my role as Chairman; namely our Deputy Chairman Steve Wells and fellow committee members Leon Stimpson, Jamie Hughes and Paul Meyer. All of these guys put in extra work behind the scenes to help make sure that the club continues to run and that we grow the club in a controlled and managed way over the coming years.

Best Wishes, Shan

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