A brand-new mobility chair for young girl

A brand-new mobility chair for young girl

Posted 20th November 2019

Thanks to the generosity of BC Club members, a young girl from Dorset has received a brand-new mobility chair.

Following a medical assessment, it was recommended that Bella needed a specialist postural support and mobility chair to help her live a better quality of life. As the specialist chair she needed was very expensive, her mother attempted to seek funding for it from the NHS and local council, but to no avail. Upon hearing about the situation, a mutual friend of the family and the BC Club stepped in to ask our members for their help to get Bella the chair she so desperately needed.

Generous local businessmen come to the rescue 

Having been sent the quotation for Bella’s chair, we approached the brother of a BC Club regular and good friend, Kieran Cheer. Kieran is a clinical seating specialist and the Managing Director of Consolor, experts in seating and mobility for people with physical disabilities. He agreed to complete a full assessment to determine Bella’s needs and her ideal seated posture for her made-to-measure chair.

Thanks to his generosity, the BC Club was able to provide Bella with not only the specialist chair she needed, but a chair that was built to an even higher specification than the one she was originally assessed for. It was also delivered in record breaking time so Bella could be comfortable, safe and secure as quickly as possible. Bella and her family are delighted with the chair!

Thank you to all involved

The BC Club would like to thank Kieran and everyone at Consolor for their generosity and time which made it possible for Bella to live a happier life thanks to her new mobility chair.